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Tuck’s Cards is what we call the “fun division” of Tucker Engineering.  We have fun helping you have fun. We sell collectibles, focusing mainly on bulk mixed lots of baseball cards, and also the supplies to keep those cards and your other treasured collectibles in top shape for years to come.  Visit our auctions on as POC_USA and and our store page for our latest offerings and if you don’t see exactly what you need be sure to ask - if we have it available we will post it!  We sell to the general public as well as other sellers and to keep prices down most items are old in quantity.

Online Sales

Besides selling sports cards and supplied for collectors and other goods on our site, you will find some more deals for all sorts of odds and ends, including occasional tech toys and components in our eBay auctions as POC_USA!



We don’t like to see your computer get knocked out by a virus or spyware, or equipment failure, but we do enjoy the challenge of knocking out those gremlins!
Visit us as
TECCOPS Computer Repair to learn about our local and online repair service in Woodstock, Illinois.

We enjoy our work (most of the time!) whether its helping someone with a computer problem as TECCOPS Computer Repair or mixing up a fun lot of baseball cards as POC_USA on to ship to one of our lucky winning bidders!  However, even though collecting is fun, we take our job serious and do our best to help our customers get the most out of their cherished collections.

How could this NOT be fun?  Like kids in a candy store we are surrounded by old to newer sports cards and get to dig in read the stats, share history, on a larger scale than we could as little kids.  Then comes the bonus - a glowing positive feedback from a happy bidder or even more rewarding a kind email thanking us for helping bring a smile to their face or that of a loved one.  This is all about having fun and though it is business, it wouldn’t be worthwhile if there wasn’t any joy in doing it.

Even the “boring” boxes we sell are fun to deal with.  Each time one is assembled its like putting together a little puzzle. The BCW brand boxes are simple to assemble and a great way to store and ship trading cards and other items, too! That’s all good but ultimately you want to show off your prized collection to others and for that we offer quality acrylic display cases, protective albums, display cubes, pocket pages, coin flips and much more from BCW, BallQube and other top manufacturers.  Nothing squashes fun like seeing your rare collectible poked and prodded.  These popular items will allow you to store your items safely and/or show off your collection without worry of it being mishandled for a lifetime of fun and generations to come.  Check out out auctions on or send us a note and let us know what items we have that will help you get more fun out of your collection!

Tuck’s Cards spawned after the owner, Sean Tucker was introduced to the world of internet auctions on  He also dabbles on some other sites like,, and besides a few others that have fallen wayside over the years. has long been the focal point since it grew into the largest online resale site as well as maintaining the largest customer base.  Although Sean, enjoys selling on there are many times when repeat customers need custom orders or just want to deal directly. fills that need.

Sean has previous experience with mail order and shipping and receiving working for others in the past and with his experience using and repairing computers it was sort of natural for him to get involved with online sales.  Initially he was just helping his brother pack and ship orders, getting more and more involved as time went on.  His brother had different goals for his business so Sean decided to spin off into his own auctions initially selling computer parts and accessories as
TEC_USA, but ultimately “falling back” into selling sports cards.

Since he also sold other items besides sports cards and collectibles, Sean created other Ebay accounts to keep organized.
FUN_USA is for all sorts of  Fun and LOC_USA was initially just Lots of Cards.  POC_USA (Plethora Of Cards) was created to sell the supplies for collecting and to help promote that account card lots were sold as well.

After repeatedly purchasing shipping boxes to fulfill orders, Sean realized he could help defray his packaging costs by buying boxes in bulk and reselling the extras.  From time to time buyers would ask for other box sizes or related items like card sleeves and top loaders so over time additional items were added and POC_USA became THE business instead of a sideline and is main account used by Tucker Engineering and Tuck’s Cards.

This site is still very much “rough around the edges” as its not yet a full functioning online store, but it serves 2 main goals - to get commonly needed information like assembly instructions for the storage boxes and secondly to offer easy access to more of my popular mixed card lots and other items that are not suited for auctions.  The intention is that this site will grow and evolve without losing the personal attention given to each customer that has helped make POC_USA on a popular source for boxes and storage supplies for other online sellers of trading cards and other collectibles and more.

Experience with computing and downtime from Engineering work made it “easy” for Sean to get involved with online sales.  It also helped that his brother’s online auctions were booming while Sean was in need of more work.   The brother’s business plans differed, so Sean opted to spin off into his own auction sale, initially intending to sell computer related items and electronics.   Sean kept involved in selling mixed sports cards lot because they are fun and he already had a huge collection of cards at his disposal.

TECCOPS Computer Repair was founded in 2004 when the owner of Tucker Engineering, Sean Tucker, coined the phrase Computer Operation Performance Specialists.  Sean has long had an interest in computer programming, system building and electronics.  He attended the University of Illinois-Chicago studying Math and Computer Science and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He has used computers in business and as a hobby since he purchased his first home computer, a TI-994/a in the early 1980’s, his used a variety of computers, including PC, UNIX, Macintosh, SUN and more during his college and professional career,  First using an IBM PC in the mid-1980’s. While studying at UW-Madison he encountered his first computer virus on the Apple Macintosh computers (yes they had viruses 20 years ago!), an experience that taught him early on to be wary of sharing files from other computer users.

Through out his working career, Sean’s employers utilized his experience with computers to supplement or replace internal IT support, as a side duty to CAD & Mechanical Design Engineering, Electronic Repairs, and other non-technical duties. After his last employer relocated, Sean decided to make Tucker Engineering a full-time venture focusing on CAD design and consulting initially, but eventually changing focus to computer repairs when TECCOPS was formed.

Though the 2 businesses may seem worlds apart, TECCOPS Computer Repair and Tuck’s Cards have the same ultimate purpose -to help others get the most enjoyment out of what interests them the most and both allow Sean to experience more computing and collecting then he ever imagined!