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Visit our POC_USA auctions on and check out our direct offerings below to find deals on baseball and mixed sports card lots and supplies to store and display your treasured collectibles.  Occasionally other items like new and used computers, components and accessories, and other fun and useful odds and ends will be listed.

In the spirit of eBay some items will be available at auction as well as immediate purchase.  Contact us if you don’t see what you need and we will list the item if we have it.  We can also invoice directly or through  If you need instructions to assemble the storage boxes or other information about our items check our Frequently Asked Questions page.
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These mixed lots are a fun assortment for beginners on up to veteran collectors.  Each contains a wide variety making them ideal for starting a collection or hunting for your favorite players or teams or searching for the missing cards to finish out your current collection.


I have mostly baseball cards, so you can expect a wider variety of brands, years, and players in the ALL Baseball lots.  In the Mixed sports lots you will find mostly baseball (probably at least 1/2 of the lot), many football and basketball (1/4 or less of these 2 sports), and then a scattering (maybe none) of other sports like hockey, golf, Nascar Racing, tennis, wrestling, soccer, and so on.

These are fun assortments with multiple players, teams, and years ranging from the 1970's to 2000's with stars and commons.

All lots will be a wide variety with who knows what in each lot.   The possibilities are stars, commons, inserts, game used, autographs and more.  Most will be commons and stars!  Condition of cards vary with most excellent condition - some better some worse.  Some may be in sleeves or toploaders but not necessarily.


Brands available are Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Upper Deck, Leaf, Score, Pacific, and so on.

Players available range pretty much from A to Z,
for example some possible star baseball players are Mickey Mantle, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Babe Ruth, Wade Boggs, Kirby Puckett, Johnny Damon, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Lee Smith, Derek Lee, and many many more.

Some of the possible football players include Drew Brees, Dan Marino, Steve Largeant, Mike Singletary, Jerry Rice, and many more.

A few of the possible basketball players include Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and more.  You won't get only stars, and not necessarily all of these players mentioned will be in every lot.  You will receive a fun mix of well known and unknown players, some are or were stars and others bench warmers.

There is no certainty or promise of any specific players or brands or years since the lots are picked randomly, but the sport will be as purchased (Baseball only or Mixed Sports and there will definitely be a variety including stars, rookies, and more!

Duplicates are possible but the nature of how the cards are "dealt out" keeps duplicates to a minimum.

Any pictures shown here are for a general idea of what's possible. Since the lots are random you may or may get any of the cards shown.

See more photos and other details about our collection on our Collectibles page.
Fair prices, fast and friendly service and full of Fun!  Go get some cards, today!

We process orders within 1 business day of receipt of payment so shipping is as quick as can be and we strive to keep our prices competitive.  If you have questions before or after you order feel free to contact our friendly staff to answer any questions you might have about our goods or your order.

We offer a wide variety of fun and reliable items for collecting to enhance the fun of your hobby.

For Returns and exchanges or other questions please see the Legal Mumbo Jumbo (Terms of Use) and Frequently asked Questions.

Check our auctions as POC_USA on
for more sports cards, supplies for collecting, computer supplies and other odds and ends!
We decided to close our eBay store but still sell through auctions and direct.

BASEBALL ONLY LOTS or MIXED SPORTS CARDS LOTS can be purchased conveniently above!

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Picture above shows a few cards that get mixed into our lots.  Not every random lot can get these!  Offer valid in USA only.

Note: Orders ship after payment clears. Purchases above are paid thru and do not require a paypal account.

You may also purchase by mail.  Send your name, shipping address, and item you are purchasing along with CHECK or MONEY ORDER made out to:

PO BOX 383

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We accept payments through  including bank transfers and credit cards.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOGIN OR SIGNUP TO USE PAYPAL to MAKE A PAYMENT but having an account gives you more options - without paypal account you will need to use a credit card. For more information click on DO NOT HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT on the PayPal payment page or Contact us if you need help completing payment.

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