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Welcome To Tuck’s Cards!

Our main focus is fun random lots of mixed baseball cards or mixed sports cards.  We have thousands upon thousands of  cards, & occasionally will sell singles, non-sport comic and gaming cards & other collectibles - visit our online store!

Tuck’s Cards Online Sales

Featuring mixed baseball & sports cards lots and top quality BCW brand supplies for storing, shipping and displaying sports cards, memorabilia and other collectibles - we cater to the needs of  individuals as well as small businesses, especially other sellers on eBay and similar online websites.

Visit our
eBay auctions or contact us directly.  We try our best to be competitive so contact us direct for the best prices.  If you’re looking for larger quantities or something you do not see in our current listings, let us know and we’ll gladly post the item if we have it - visit our store to see current deals or MAKE A PAYMENT.

Collectible Supplies

Our fun lots are great for all types of collectors, since they consist of a wide variety of brands, years, and players.  Great for veteran or new collectors, especially those trying to complete a variety of sets.

Highlights of our random lots:

Visit our store page to bid on our auctions on or buy direct.


We sell online only and are conveniently located in Midwest USA (Illinois and Indiana) so shipping anywhere in the USA is relatively quick and convenient.

Visit our store to link to our current eBay auctions as POC_USA, catch our latest specials or make a payment and contact us to make deals on baseball and mixed sports cards, supplies for collectors and more!

We get new items from time to time and will post special requests when possible - we do aim to please.

Find assembly instructions for some of the storage boxes & answers to other common questions related to our products and services on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

How  to assemble card boxes like the popular BCW 12-drawer card storage house or Monster card storage boxes?

How to place an order? Or How do I pay? What if I don’t use Paypal or Ebay? Can I mail payment? What’s your return policy and more.

Collectibles Supplies F.A.Q.

Check out our Tips page where we share our experience with online selling, taking care of collectibles, the deals we find and offer and other  news, tips, and tricks.

Share your experience with us and your friends through our links to, and other social networks.

How to spot counterfeits? Are all reprints counterfeit? Are they good or bad for collecting? What are some of the online scams to watch out for?   These are a few of the topics we discuss on the Tips page.

Besides the above supplies for collectibles and sports cards & collectibles mentioned to the left, we also sell computer components, electronics, and much more.  Check our current offerings available direct from our website or on in our eBay auctions as POC_USA..

Purchase directly from our store page and link to our current eBay auctions and occasional specials!  If you don’t see exactly what you need feel free to inquire, we’ll post it if we have it!