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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As the title suggests this is where you’ll find some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive from our customers.  Though not every question and answer is here, you will find the most common.
If you do not find your answer here feel free to
contact us and we will do our best to answer your question quickly and accurately- in most instances later the same day and generally within 1 business day.  Since we do business strictly through online sales & mail order we do not have a telephone order line. Best method of contact is email though we will provide a phone number if necessary.

Storage Supplies- Assembly Instructions & More

The questions have been separated into the following categories.

You can scroll down to find the category or click the category to jump to that section:

Q: What is a FAQ?

A: FAQ is an acronym or initialization formed by taking the 1st letters of each word of the phrase "Frequently Asked Questions."  This is the place where questions that are asked by many people are posted to eliminate the need to repeat the same information over and over again.  Check here first and if you do not see your question answered feel free to email us using the form on our Contact page.

Q: What is Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player?  Where can I get Adobe software?

A: Adobe Reader software is a global standard for electronic documents and is what is needed to view PDF files.  A PDF file is an electronic document file which is usually more efficient way to distribute photos and other documentation for computers and the internet.

Most of our assembly instructions for our boxes and other items are in PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader to view them.

Many store purchased computers come with Adobe Reader pre-installed and if you do not have it, you can download it free from

You can download the Adobe® Reader directly from Adobe by clicking here: Get Adobe® Reader

Adobe® Flash® Player is what is needed to view video clips, like those found on and other websites.  It is a cross-platform browser-based application for viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across screens and browsers.

Flash Player is optimized to deliver high performance on mobile screens and designed to take advantage of native device capabilities.

You cab download Adobe® Flash® Player directly from Adobe by clicking here: Get Adobe® Flash® Player

Please note: We are not affiliated with Adobe or its products or services in any way.  The link here is provided as a courtesy since some of our instructions and other documents are distributed using Acrobat® Reader® or Adobe® Flash® Player software.

You can learn more about Adobe and their products on their websitevisit

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Q: Do you sell single sports cards or specific players or teams, etc?

A: Most of our offerings for cards are small bulk lots.  Occasionally single cards or specific players or teams or years or sets, etc, may be listed so just check out auctions or website listings.  We do not have the means to seek out special requests, but you are welcome to mention your favorites with your order and if we stumble across your favorite we just might “squeeze it in.”  In general, though we do not dig through and sort out the cards or cherry pick any as its more fun for use and usually more enjoyable for our customers when we randomly pick cards for the mixed lots. In my opinion (and based on feedback from some of  our regular customers the unknown content and variety make it kind of a treasure hunt!

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Q: Do you accept special requests for the mixed sports card lots?

A: You are welcome to make a request for specific players, teams, years, brands, etc, however, we can not guarantee to fulfill those special requests for our random mixed lots.  Doing that would make it more time consuming and costly and also somewhat unfair to other buyers of our random lots.  

We can usually accommodate special requests for ALL basketball or ALL football cards, but not usually for specific players, teams or years.  The variety of brands and years is more limited in our football, basketball and other NON-baseball cards and searching through them all for specifics is just not practical, so we choose to do mixed sports or baseball only - though it won’t hurt you to ask ;-)

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Q: Do you have any old cards?  Do you have any tobacco cards or cards from 1950’s or 1960’s?

A: Yes, we do have “old cards” though that phrase is really a relative term - technically all of the cards are old, with some older than others.  Some may be in their original package - so those might be considered “new old stock,” but they are old - we sell cards and supplies, but are not a true trading card dealer.  This is a fun sideline to our regular computer repair business so we do not typically deal in brand new items.

Over the years we have come across cards and memorabilia from as far back as the late 1800’s, including baseball cards, tobacco cards, and other neat odds and ends so sure the 1930’s, 1940s, 1950’s, and 1960s’ may be in our collection and might even get into our mixed lots, but we generally promise 1970’s through 2000’s in the random lots because we have enough in that range to make sure they get in.

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Q: Do you sell packs or complete sets or unopened boxes?

A: Although we do have many packs and some complete sets, the bulk of our massive collection is loose partial sets and mixed bulk boxes.  We may from time to time include packs in our mixed lots and offer sets or packs in our auctions or website specials, so be sure to check back from time to time to see what’s new.

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Q: Are these lots on your website the same as the ones you sell on eBay?

A: Yes, the only difference MAY be the quantity offered in the lot.  But the method for picking the cards at random and the variety, etc is the same as you will find in my auctions.  Of course since the lots are random and assorted no two lots are EXACTLY the same, but they are the same thing - mixed sports cards - either all baseball or mixed sports (unless otherwise noted).  Sometimes you may catch a deal in our auctions when we list a promotional deal to draw attention to our listings - as is the nature of an auction site there is always a chance the auctions will not get bids - so do check our auctions, too!

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Q: Will I get all of the cards shown in the pictures?

A: No, well not with respect to the random lots.  But you may get some of them.  In our mixed lot offerings a specific quantity is mentioned, usually in the title as well as the description.  Also if you take a look at our listings you will see we use the same photos across many listings so they cannot possibly end up in each of those offerings.  You will also notice some photos have boxes that hold thousands of cards EACH, which is more than the quantity of any of our mixed lots.  So unless otherwise noted, the pictures are general sample reference only and NOT exactly what you will receive,  Pictures are taken periodically over the “life” of the collection, so there is the chance that cards shown have already gone to other happy customers.

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Q: How much for ALL of your cards? Will you sell your entire collection?

A: One answer maybe $25,000,000.00 shipping may be extra and this offer may be revoked at anytime without notice.  Or maybe the anwer is the total cost will be determined when you win every one of our auctions and buy all of our store listings - ok these answers may sound silly or rude, but we have learned to be a little sarcastic and have fun with questions like this.  50% of the time the potential buyer is looking to get the cards at a ridiculously low tiny fraction of what they will sell for over time.  We are not in a hurry to dump the collection.  45% of the time the potential buyer has no idea how massive our collection is and could never afford the total amount we would request - and if they could, they are are not willing to pay that much.  The other 5% are looking for trouble and have no intention of buying no matter what the price.

Actually, those percentages are just made up, though probably not too far off- there are others that are just clueless, curious, or having fun. Unfortunately we have encountered many troublemakers and trouble-seekers on the internet (not just on eBay).  Those who want to cause disruption in service or steal info or just flat out prank other users.  The jokes are tolerable, but malicious activity is can be a nightmare.  Fortunately, many sites like eBay continue to improve on user protection.  Though, I am may grumble about the rules and policy changes on eBay and other sites, most of the changes are for the better.

If you seriously want to buy a large amount of cards from us, make us a realistic offer or just use the buy now button - its ready and waiting!  If you send an offer through our website that is satisfactory, we will either create a listing or send an invoice directly as needed.

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Q: Do you sell other sports cards besides baseball or non-sports and gaming cards?  Do you have other collectibles?

Do you sell bats or baseballs or autographed memorabilia?

A: We do have other sports cards and trading cards which may pop up from time to time.  Other collectibles will be posted periodically as well.  We stumble across “new” items all the time but listing them does not always happen so feel free to contact us if you are looking for something you think we might have - if we do we just might post it!  Currently we have more baseball cards than any or sport or other types of items, so that is usually what you’ll find in out eBay auctions and so on. But we do have mixed sports lots in our eBay store and on our website.  You will find other collectibles and supplies for storing, shipping and protecting sports cards and other collectibles on our site and in our auctions on eBay as POC_USA.

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Baseball and Sports Card Lots and other Collectibles

Q: What form of payments do you accept?  How do I pay for my item? Can I Mail Payment?

A: Currently we accept PayPal for electronic payment which includes credit cards, bank transfer and paypal balance transfer.  Special arrangements can be made to pay with credit card by phone if you do not wish to go through  If your order is through eBay be sure to complete the checkout on  For direct purchases by email you will receive a PayPal invoice or you can use the PayPal Payment buttons on our website.  We also accept paper payments by mail - Postal Money Orders preferred - please let us know ahead of time if you will pay by mail.

Solution Graphics, and others will have checkout options on their sites with onscreen instructions to complete the checkout.  When you purchase directly by email or you will be sent an invoice through PayPal or asked to send payment using the Make A Payment button.on our store page.  If you need help with the checkout and can not get answers through the corresponding website be sure to contact us.

If you do not have a account, that’s ok - you do NOT need a PayPal account to send payment!  Credit cards payments can be made with or without a account.   However, even though you do not have to signup for an account, you will need to go through to make the payment. Their website provides a convenient and secure checkout interface.  Visit to learn more about their service.

Some transactions are made through email or other direct contact - even in those instances you will likely receive an invoice by email which will contain information on where payment.  We will let you know when payment is received and when your order ships, which is typically within one business day, so if you do not receive confirmation be sure to contact us to make sure payment was completed correctly..

Mailed paper payments are ok, but may require extra time to clear before your order is shipped.  Money order is preferred paper payment - we do NOT accept personal checks.  If you wish to mail payment, send your name address and a brief description of what the payment is for to:


PO BOX 383


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Q: How Do I Purchase Card Lots (or other items) from

Many of our items are offered conveniently through our auctions on as POC_USA.  We offer Sports Cards Lots and occasionally other items directly for purchase on using a PayPal shopping cart button.

Additional Options

How To Purchase Card Lots: (Go to our Store Page)

1. We use PayPal .com secure checkout. This allows you to pay with your PayPal account if you have one or by Debit or Credit card whether or not you have a PayPal account. See the PayPal shopping cart for options.  See for info about their services.  

2. Choose the lot size or item. For trading cards this is the quantity of cards per lot. If you want more cards you can change the number or lots later in the cart or continue shopping to choose more.

3. Choose Sport (type of cards) or other options, if any.  With respect to sports cards lots you pick either Baseball Only or Mixed Sports. Mixed Sports consists of  Baseball, Football and Basketball and occasionally other sports.  At this time we do not offer any sport on its own, except baseball since the huge collection is mostly baseball cards - but we might be able to accommodate a special request so contact us.

4. Click the PayPal ADD TO CART button. This will add 1 lot to your cart.  Adjust number or lots or continue shopping to add more.

5. Click on Checkout when done shopping. This will bring you to the PayPal login page with the option to click to pay with Debit or Credit Card if not using funds from your PayPal account. Simply follow the on screen instructions to complete your order or contact us if you have questions.

Please note the above information relates to direct purchases on our website, if you win one or more of our auctions on as POC_USA or our other accounts, please use the eBay checkout to complete the transaction.

Fair prices, fast and friendly service and full of Fun!

For Returns and exchanges or other questions please see the Legal Mumbo Jumbo (Terms of Use) and Frequently asked Questions.

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Ordering and Payments

Q: How much do you charge for shipping and is there any extra handling fee?

A: Shipping and handling is specified in the listing or through the listing calculator.  Baseball card & mixed sports cards lots currently have S&H included in the price.  This policy may change is the shipping cost is not clear or you would like to get a combined shipping estimate before bidding on our auctions or buying on our website just send us a note with your zipcode and items desired.  Cards are typically shipped by US Postal Service in which we try to take advantage of  Flat Rate and Regional rate Priority to keep the costs down.  Storage boxes and other supplies for collecting are usually shipped by UPS and will be charged accordingly.  We do not control the costs of shipping, and the handling fee is any is minimal to cover a small part of the processing involved with an order.

Also note items purchased on our website are processed separate from eBay and although there may be a chance they can ship together more often than not they won’t so the checkouts are handled separately.   Orders through eBay are processed separately and some may have a handling fee included in the shipping and handling cost.

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Q: How soon do you ship?  How long will it take for me to get my item?

A: Orders are processed as soon as possible in the order they are received. Typically the items will ship out within one business day of cleared payment.  Sports cards lots usually ship by USPS and will take 2 to 5 days if First Class (less than 150 cards) and 2 to 3 days Priority Mail (For over 150 cards).  This is not guaranteed time but is what USPS estimates as their normal delivery time.  Overall time will vary by location.  Weather, holidays, weekends, etc may also affect the delivery.   Quick and painless is the goal!

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Q: Do you include shipping insurance?

A: Shipping insurance is included and typically covers the cost of goods only.  Shipping and handling typically is not refundable or covered with insurance, however in the rare event that any damage occurs we will cover shipping costs as well and refund the cost of the item and shipping or send a replacement item at our discretion.   Availability and practicality will factor into our decision,  We do not cover loss if the provided shipping address is incorrect or otherwise non-deliverable so please be sure the address supplied with payment is correct.  These terms are subject to change without notice. Please also visit our Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy pages for more legal mumbo jumbo.

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Q: Do you ship outside of the USA?

A: Generally speaking, no - but feel free to inquire as some exceptions may be made depending on the goods and destination.   Be aware shipping to other countries is typically much higher and delivery times much longer than within the US, which may deter and/or disappoint international buyers.  Also be aware that some items are not legal to ship to other countries.  In the event a payment is received or auction won by someone residing in a country outside of the USA we may cancel the bid and/or refund payment made without warning.

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Shipping and Handling

Q: Do you accept returns or offer exchanges?

A: Yes and No.  Unless otherwise noted items will have a 14 day return policy.  With your option as Money Back or Exchange (as long as replacement is available).  If replacement is not available you will have the option of refund or merchandise credit,  Shipping & handling is not refundable for items returned for buyer remorse.

All returns need pre-approval. Any items received returned without prior approval will be considered abandoned and no refund or exchange will be made, so please contact us if there are any issues BEFORE sending item back. Items returned must be received in condition originally shipped to you, so retain packing material for safe shipping. Upon receipt of returned goods the refund or exchange process will be completed as follows. Refunds will be full or partial or exchange depending on situation as follows. If item is not significantly as described (like a hat is sent instead of a book) you will receive full refund including return shipping.

If item is damaged in shipping you will receive full refund or exchange (if available). For damaged goods the shipping carrier (USPS, UPS, etc) may need to inspect for damage claims. If item is returned for buyer remorse, which means the item delivered was as described, but you no longer want the item regardless of the reason, you will be issued refund of your bid price only - shipping cost to you and from you will not be refunded. You may opt for merchandise credit/exchange equal to bid price only. Payment refunds will be issued through or by check or money order if payment was not through paypal.  Merchandise credit will be applied to future order. Most times buyer remorse happens from misunderstanding the auction or store listing or simply impulse buying. We want you to want what you purchase, so please read the description completely and ask questions BEFORE bidding or buying if you do not understand the details.

To request a return authorization or inquire about the status of a refund or exchange please contact us by email or the form on our Contact page

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Q: My item was damaged or is not as described how do I return it for a refund?

A: Send us an email to request return authorization.  Use the Contact Us page,  Include your name, address. item purchased and order or item number if available with a detailed description of the problem.  We will respond accordingly. If its an auction item like on ebay or other site, please use the contact us through the eBay message center.  If a return is approved a return authorization will be issued.  If  an item is returned without prior approval it will be treated as abandoned and no further action will be taken, so please be sure to submit a request for return if needed.  Depending on the value you may wish to obtain additional shipping insurance or proof of delivery/tracking from the carrier.  We will refund the cost of shipping if we request you send the item back to us and it is determined the item was not correct or was damaged in shipment.


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Q: My return was approved, when will I get my money back or replacement item?

A: This depends on the situation.  Typically the refund will be issued as soon as the return is received and inspected.  If an item does not need return like its lost in shipping or just not practical to ship back.  A replacement or refund will be issued once the damage/loss is confirmed.  Postal inspection may be required which can take up to 2 weeks or more so please retain damaged goods for at least 14 days or until the refund/replacement is received.  Also note original payment will need to be cleared before a refund is issued.

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Returns Policy

Q: How do I assemble the BCW card boxes?  Are instructions available for the boxes?

A: We do not have instructions for several of the specialty boxes, but not (yet) for the smaller boxes.  However, the general method of assembly is similar for all of the boxes, so scroll down to view the Multi-Row Boxes or Comic/Magazine boxes to get an idea.  Contact us if you need more help.

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Q: How do I assemble the BCW card house storage unit?  Are instructions available for the Card House?

A: Assembly instructions for the BCW card house are available for download as an Adobe PDF file on our website.  Click on the link below.


The above instructions do not show how to assembly the drawers (802 2-piece boxes), however they assemble similar to most of the boxes and although the Multi-Row Box instructions are more complex you can use those instructions as a guide - if you have any problems contact us.

Please Note: You will need Adobe Reader to open the file - click here if you do not have Adobe Reader.

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Q: How do I assemble the BCW Multiple row boxes?

Do you have assembly instructions for the 3200 count Monster or 5000 count Super Monster?

How do I put together the 1600 count Shoe or 3000 count Super Shoe storage boxes?

A: Assembly instructions for the BCW Multiple Row Boxes, like the Monster (3200 count) and Super Monster (5000 count) card storage boxes are available as an Adobe PDF file. Most of the multiple row boxes are similar in design so these instructions may help even if you do not get the exact size shown for example the assembly of the 1600 count Shoe and 3000 Count Super Shoes assemble pretty much the same just with different number of dividers.  You can download the file from the following link.


The above instructions do not show how to assembly the drawers (802 2-piece boxes), though the Multi-Row Box instructions are more complex the basic folds are similar so check them for an idea - if you have any problems contact us.

Please Note: You will need Adobe Reader to open the file - click here if you do not have Adobe Reader.

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Q: How do I assemble the BCW Comic Boxes or Magazine Boxes?

Do you include assembly instructions for the comic box or magazine box?  How will I know how to put them together?

A: Assembly instructions for the BCW Comic Boxes and Magazine boxes are available as an Adobe PDF file.  The boxes assemble the same so the instructions for the Comic and Magazine boxes are the same file. You can download the file from the following link.


The above instructions are valid for corrugated card board and corrugated plastic storage boxes - if you have any problems contact us.

Please Note: You will need Adobe Reader to open the file - click here if you do not have Adobe Reader.

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Q: How do I assemble the Short (Long) Comic Box House? Do you have instructions for the BCW Short and Long Comic Box House?

A: BCW Diversified posted a how-to video on and we have linked to it on our website.  Click the video play button below.  You can also view it directly on  It shows assembly of the SHORT house.  The LONG house assembles the same way.


If have any problems contact us.

Please Note: You will need Adobe Flash Player to view the file - click here if you do not already have Adobe Flash Player.

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Q: What is a BCW Stor-Folio 15? How do a StorFolio to protect my comics? How many comics does the stor-folio hold?

A: BCW Diversified posted a how-to video on and we have linked to it on our website.  Click the video play button below.

You can also view it directly on

The BCW Brand Stor-folio is a protective storage and carrying case with wrap around dual lock cover to secures the contents.  Cover and Spine has clear plastic window to display art work or comic.  Each Stor-Folio holds up to 15 comics with boards and bags or up to 20 un-bagged comic books. . With dimensions of 8” x 11.25” x 2” eight of these Stor-Folios will fit in the BCW Comic Box .  Their size and durable design allow them to store nicely on a book shelf or transport in a backpack to your favorite comic book store or convention!


Please Note: You will need Adobe Flash Player to view the file - click here if you do not already have Adobe Flash Player.

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